Petaluma Film Alliance Spring Series

Wed, March 14, 2018, 6:00 pm

Every Wednesday evening, through May 16.

Wednesday nights in the Carole L. Ellis Auditorium
SRJC Petaluma Campus, 680 Sonoma Mountain Parkway.
Optional pre-film lecture at 6pm; Film screening at 7pm; Post-screening discussion until 10pm
Admission: $6 for general public.

Spring Cinema Series

This dark comedy-drama by Martin McDonagh has been nominated for seven Oscars, including Best Picture.

Wednesday, Feb. 14 – UNLEASHED
This Valentine’s Day event brings filmmaker Finn Taylor (‘Dream With the Fishes”) to town to present and discuss his 2017 romantic comedy about a woman whose dog and cat are magically transformed into her two “Perfect Guys.”

Wednesday, Feb. 21 – LADYBIRD
Greta Gerwig’s critically-acclaimed film about a teenager (Saoirse Ronan) growing up in Sacramento has scored five Oscar noms, including Best Picture and Best Director.

Wednesday, Feb. 28 – THE SHAPE OF WATER
Earning more Oscar nominations than any other film this year – including Best Picture and Best Director – Guillermo Del Toro’s romantic-horror-fantasy tells the story of a mute janitor (Sally Hawkins) falling in love with a sea creature at a secret Cold War era military facility.

Wednesday, March 7 – THE APARTMENT
This 1960 comedy stars Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine in the tale of a low-level executive bullied into letting his bosses use his apartments for extramarital affairs.

Wednesday, March 14 – CITY OF GOD
Filmed in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, this 2002 crime thriller by Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lund is a powerful example of location filmmaking.

Wednesday, March 28 – ALL THE WILD HORSES
Filmmaker Ivo Marloh will be in attendance to discuss his 2017 documentary about the Mongol Derby, a 1,000 mile long horse race believed to be the most grueling such competition in the world.

Wednesday, April 4 – DON’T LOOK NOW
Nicolas Roeg’s legendary 1973 thriller stars Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie, roaming the streets and channels of Venice, possibly being stalked by a mysterious supernatural presence. The film contains one of the most celebrated sex scenes in history, and won an Oscar for cinematographer Anthony Richmond. The film will be presented by film historian UCLA’s Alessandro Pirolini, who will take over the Film Alliance series next fall when current facilitator Mike Traina goes on sabbatical.

Wednesday, April 11 – SONG OF GRANITE
The beautifully designed black-and-white biopic from 2017 tells the story of Irish folk singer Joe Heaney.

Wednesday, April 18 – THE UNHOLY THREE and THE UNKNOWN
Two silent films about crime and the circus, both starring Lon Chaney, with live accompaniment by pianist Frederick Hodges.

Wednesday, April 25 – MOTHER!
Darren Aronofsky’s thrilling but polarizing global warming parable features a ferocious performance by Jennifer Lawrence, playing a house-making Mother Earth to Javier Bardem’s blocked poet God, as their house becomes filled with pesky guests who feel entitled to take, and take, and take, until . . . well, stuff hits the fan, and it’s not pretty. What it is, is arguably the most original film of 2017.

Wednesday, May 2 – A GHOST STORY
A moody and mesmerizing meditation on grief, loss and time, David Lowery’s 2017 indie film stars Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara.

Wednesday, May 9 – FACES, PLACES
This delightful documentary by Agnes Varda and French artist J.R. follows their adventures making public art as they travel across rural France.

Wednesday, May 16 – HAROLD AND MAUDE
Hal Ashby’s 1971 masterpiece follows a death-obsessed young man (Bud Cort) through his delightfully unexpected romance with a bizarre, life-loving 79-year-old eccentric (Ruth Gordon).

SRJC Petaluma Campus Carole L. Ellis Auditorium

680 Sonoma Mountain Parkway

Price: $6.00

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