TEA HERE NOW – Conscious Nightlife in Action

Sat, March 16, 2019, 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Conscious Nightlife in Action


*Full service Gong Fu Cha Tea Lounge
*Herbal Elixir Bar serving up Kava Kava, Cacao & More
*Squish Zones for ultimate chillage
*Live music & poetry from local artists
*Interactive Community Altar & Divination Station
*Ecstatic Herb Bazaar

Tea Here Now aims to create a fun & engaging space for community, music, art and inspiration on a recurring basis.

By taking a fresh perspective on what night life can look like, this event is 100% herb-fueled and alcohol/substance free. We will share the beauty of becoming ecstatic through nurturing our bodies with healthful alternatives.

Tea Here Now hosts a full service Gong Fu Cha Tea Lounge & Herbal Elixir Bar. By communing with plants that delight the senses and ground the soul we can more easily shift into presence and authentic connection with each other.

Each event will include a unique variety of offerings ranging from education to theater to live art & music. The goal of these offerings is to showcase people & art forms that speak to progressive ways of living, thinking & being in our bodies. Other offerings include plenty of squish zones, a community altar and interactive divination station for personal contemplation throughout the night.

Tea Here Now is the result of accumulated years of experience in event production, tea service, and plant study paired with the desire to uplift and co-create with the artists and great thinkers of our local community. Join us in building the night life revolution, coming to fill a void that has been hard to put your finger on. Let’s cultivate authentic connection in the modern world.

$15 at the door
Each ticket includes bottomless tea service all night long!
Come sip with us.



Ken Olsen AKA Unityvybe has been a pillar of the local bay area electronic music scene for over 2 decades. Starting with his vinyl addiction in ’97, Ken has dedicated himself to keeping the underground alive by hosting & playing at renegades, warehouse parties & club events for local crews as well as his own. With a wide ranging collection of musical flavors, Unityvybe is sure to bring any dancefloor to life.

dhyana Center

186 North Main Street #Ste 250

Price: $15.00

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