Canceled – It's Up To Us!: Sonoma County Climate Activists Community Summit

Sun, March 15, 2020, 1:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Free with donations gratefully accepted

Wildlife biologist and Sonoma County Poet Laureate Maya Khosla, Cory O’Gorman, Graduate Student at Sonoma State University and North Bay Organizing Project’s indigenous activist Tayse Crocker will share their work on wild lands, waters and pesticides. Elizabeth Kaiser of Singing Frogs Farm in Sebastopol will tell us how to regenerate healthy soils, grow nutrient rich foods intensively and restore balance to our bountiful ecosystem.

Youth is rising up, demanding action – not empty promises. Jonah Gottlieb, co-founder and president of Global Awareness, Kate Roney, co-director of Schools For Climate Action and director of Climate Action for the National Children’s Campaign and local Sunrise Movement youth leaders will discuss how they are building a movement to win through political engagement, direct action and organizing.

Woody Hastings, Sonoma County Environmentalist of the Year, will shine a light on changes that will democratize our energy infrastructure making massive power outages and PG&E-sparked wildfire a nightmare of the past with community-based energy systems such as micro-grids. Steve Birdlebough from Sonoma County Transportation & Land-Use Coalition will show us the mobility system of the future.

Trathen Heckman from Daily Acts and Transition US will re-frame our urgent message as an interconnected whole, a vision of a future we want to live in — an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet

Environmental and social justice groups have learned that we are much stronger in coalition, and that positive changes happen when we support each other’s initiatives. Our elected officials notice and respond when we come out in strength and speak with one voice. Lynda Hopkins, farmer, environmentalist, and Sonoma County Supervisor, will give her insights on issues that are facing us and how we can best bring solutions to elected officials.

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Odd Fellow Hall

545 Pacific Avenue

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