Michael Mwenso’s Black Music Series

Michael Mwenso

Thu, October 22, 2020, 7:00 pm

In “The Code Switch”, Michael addresses the question, “Why do black musicians have to mask their blackness through other forms of music in order to gain acceptance into the white community and reach a larger fan base?”

Musician, performing artist and cultural Babalawo (spiritual guide) Michael Mwenso offers his unique and ancestral perspective on Black music. As an African-born queer man growing up in London and New York, Mwenso and special guests delve into a wide range of his own discoveries while shedding light on the Black experience though discussion, historical recordings, and performance.

In The Code Switch, Michael has Johnny O’Neal take us on the journey of his life and career as he criss-crossed the US as a full-time musician – adapting to new situations professionally and socially – as cultural shifts took place. Through examining this legend’s career, Michael leads the viewer to see first hand how the Black musician had to adapt in the second half of the 20th century to continue a professional music career.

Presented online by Green Music Center. Tickets $10.

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