Uniquely Sonoma County

While we’re staying safe at home, enjoy these virtual experiences brought to you by folks who make Sonoma County special, especially now!

Here’s how folks are connecting in COVID-19 isolation in Sonoma County!

Kevin Russell and his Socially Distant Friends

“We just started playing outside at a safe distance and it was so much fun we’re gonna do it every week from now on.”
With Sonoma County musicians Tim Sarter, Barbara Arhon, Chris Samson, Kevin Russell and Candy Girard in Petaluma.

Video by Chris Samson.
Watch livestreams and videos by Sonoma County musicians.

The Howling

A tentative yelp rings out in the twilight, then a few more, until the cries are answered by a howl from across the street, then another down the block. Soon, a chorus of howling rises into the darkness, as it does nightly now. Jimmy Lane captured the primal sounds of his Petaluma neighbors, in a ritual that’s happening around Sonoma County and across the country, as people in coronavirus isolation express solidarity or frustration, or to voice their support for those on the front lines. (Turn up your volume.) Are you howling?

Bling Party

Silver Shells Bling Party

The Bling Sisters, locals Shelley Diane and Cindy Jenkins, host a Facebook Live jewelry show every Sunday, featuring musical guests, restaurant recommendations, demonstrations of jewelry you can buy, and a lot of fun!

Being a Good Neighbor in Petaluma
March 22
Our neighbor is giving us a shelter in place concert. Loving Petaluma and Chris Newton! -Erin Farley!

Sonoma County digital puzzles

Play Digital Puzzles Of Sonoma County

Sonoma County Tourism’s got some very cool online interactive puzzles featuring some of Sonoma County’s most iconic views. Hike through redwood forests, take in the Pacific Ocean, ride in a hot air balloon, explore the vineyards of Sonoma County, or try a delicious wine & food pairing. (On any puzzle, you can click at top left to choose the number of pieces or upload your own image to create a puzzle!) Have some fun with these!