Jazz to Broadway – Wild Janie Roberts Combo

Fri, December 1, 2017, 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm

From the time she was a baby in the playpen Janie entertained the family with scat solos. She sang “Ragg Mopp” at age three standing in front of the TV as if she was in the show. She began staging reenactments of all the great musical numbers at the age of six directing her cousins in chorus roles. She was singing torch songs from the age of nine, and and began a life long love of live theater at age twelve when she was cast in The Pirates of Penzance. (read more at http://www.wildjanes.com/ )
Vocalist Janie Roberts
• Pianist Extraordinaire Stephanie Ozer
plays ALL 88 keys simultaneously
• Bass Attack! Tom Shader
puffs up to dominate that old wood!
• and lastly, the Master of Beats,
Kendrick Freeman a man with eight
arms & a thousand sticks…He never even breaks a sweat!
It’ll be a great show! See you there!!

Main Street Bistro & Piano Bar – Cabaret

16280 Main St

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