Snapshots of Sonoma County

Enjoy these reader-contributed photographs of our beautiful region!


Goat Rock by photographer Guy Miller
Goat Rock Beach, Sonoma Coast State Park by Guy Miller.
Oct 16, 2020 · Jenner, CA·
“Went to Goat Rock last night to take advantage of the moonless night to photograph the Milky Way. What I didn’t expect was to see a bioluminescent display in the breaking waves. The glowing blue light is caused by a marine microorganism, a single-celled creature called a dinoflagellate. Through a chemical reaction they glow when disturbed by the breaking waves. It was truly a magical scene.”

Egret in Bodega Bay, photo by Will BakxDiving enthusiastically for a shrimp? Bodega Bay, by Will Bakx.
Sunset by Jason Baldwin.Sunset over vineyards by Jason Baldwin.

monarch butterflyMonarch butterfly in Petaluma by Katie Gebhardt.
Anna's hummingbird photo by Deb HartnetAnna’s Hummingbird by Deb Hartnett‎.

Egret photo by Deb HartnettEgret at 9th Steet Rookery, Santa Rosa, by Deb Hartnett.
Landscape photo by Ilene Shupnick Eastside of PetalumaLandscape Eastside of Petaluma by Ilene Shupnick.

Swan photo by Jason BaldwinSwan at Ellis Creek Wetlands by Jason Baldwin.