RAISE the ROOF – Restore the Arlene Francis Center!

Sun, September 24, 2017, 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm

On Sunday, September 24th, 2017 from 2pm – 10pm we will be hosting an all-day celebration and showcase at the AFC highlighting all that we are and all that we do together as a community! Expect to see some of your favorite local performers and artists, engage with a gathering of your community’s non-profit organizations, and get hands on with classes, workshops, and opportunities to help restore the Center. We will be accepting donations at the door to support the AFC, musicians, artists, and performers!

Read on to learn more about the Center, our Campaign Details, and who to get in touch with regarding donations, volunteering, and details. Thank you again for your interest and support!

The Arlene Francis Center:
Our local, community-centered, cultural hub offers an eclectic mix of gatherings, group discussions, educational workshops, concerts and music classes, theatrical performances, art shows, film screenings, book readings, non-profit fundraisers, and an ever-changing multitude of grassroots productions and events! We believe that art and culture can bridge the gap between spirituality and politics and transform our relationships through creativity, connection, and collaboration.

The Arlene Francis Center is steered by a dedicated group of volunteers, driven by community participation, and fueled mostly through small donations, local partnerships, and homegrown events and fundraisers. The center is housed in a large, historic, brick building in downtown Santa Rosa’s Railroad Square. This charming and beautiful structure provides a safe and inclusive creative space for all to enjoy!

FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN: Aug. 24th – Sept. 24th
We are seeking support and asking for help as we prepare to repair and restore the 9,000 sq. ft. roof of The Arlene Francis Center, our beloved cultural hub for spirit, art, and politics. We are organizing a volunteer work crew, gathering supplies, planning an all-day celebration, and raising funds to support the building restoration and ongoing maintenance of our local community center for spirit, art, and politics!
TO DONATE: https://www.gofundme.com/afcraisetheroof
Please make any contributions you can to support The Arlene Francis Foundation! We will also accept any donations in person at 99 Sixth Street, Santa Rosa, CA. Please call ahead: 707-528-3009

RESTORATION PROJECT: September 21st – 24th
Brave Volunteers will be dedicating their time, tools, and skills to repairing the roof and restoring the grounds of our beloved community center and cultural hub to prepare for the winter rainfall and secure the structure of this very special place we all treasure!
Have roofing supplies? Are you a skilled volunteer?
Contact Riis Larsen – Riis.Larsen@gmail.com

A Showcase highlighting AFC volunteers, organizers, producers, musicians, artists, performers, and participating members! Our intention is to gather as much support and momentum through the sharing of what we do every day. This event is for anyone and everyone who has felt that The AFC is a home and a significant place in our community. This is the first event of our monthly Raise the Roof Fundraising Showcase!
Musician, Artist, Poet, Performer, Dancer? Speaker? Exhibitor?
Contact Chelsey Kolbeck – ctkolbeck@gmail.com

Date: September 24th 2017
Time: 2PM – 10PM
Where: 99 Sixth Street Santa Rosa
All Ages – Donations at Door to support Performers and Musicians
Ukulele, Drum Jams, DJs, Workshops, TrashArt, and so much more! *FULL LINE-UP ANNOUNCED SOON*

Thank you for supporting The Arlene Francis Center!

The House Hosts of The Arlene Francis Center:
Riis Larsen, Chelsey Kolbeck, Alex Shapiro, Bruce Rhodes, Carissa Green, Alcina Hortsman, Gidon Levenbach, Shelli Morrison, Colton Silvers, Bob Brown, Colleen O’Neal, Martin Hamilton, Peter Gabel.

We hold true to a unique vision that links fostering a spiritual vision of love and community with a commitment to activism and social change. We are dedicated to fostering an elevated social space committed to the idea that a synthesis of spirit, art, and politics in one shared space can help to transform the world.

Website: https://arlenefranciscenter.org/
Please, explore some of our content on Facebook, check out our philosophical vibes on our website, or come on down for a visit in Railroad Square at 99 Sixth Street, Santa Rosa, CA.

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