Grammy Jazz & Blues Nominee Frankye Kelly

Sun, September 3, 2017, 6:30 pm - 10:30 pm

There are many fine jazz singers based in the San Francisco Bay area but, Frankye Kelly ranks at the top. She has a wide range, both in notes and in expressive qualities, is a fine improviser and can really swing. Ms Kelly sings a wide range of standards plus the blues “Next Time You See Me” and Basia’s ” Astrud”. There are times, particularly on “Midnight Sun” and a playful “Satin Doll”, when she sounds a bit like Sarah Vaughan. But in general Frankye Kelly displays an original style that is based in the tradition. Frankye Kelly puts a lot of honest feeling into her singing. “I interpret the songs that have the most meaning to me. I have a wide range and I can sound like any horn but I feel that the voice is its own instrument. I love to be one of the instruments in my band, singing from my heart.”

Main Street Bistro Piano Bar – Cabaret – Pizzeria

16280 Main St

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