Artist Reception with Local Artist Gerald Huth

Fri, September 15, 2017, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Please join us to welcome Gerald Huth and enjoy an evening of fine art paired with appetizers and beverages. Raffle tickets will be on sale ($5 each) for a chance to own one of Gerald’s gorgeous works of art.

Gerald’s art, which is very personal in its nature, deals with the “human condition”-events from his life, his family history, and from what is happening in the world around him, mostly using the human figure as a means of expression. Much of what he does also reflects the influences of the arts of other cultures and civilizations, encountered during his extensive travels throughout the world. He feels that there is a caravan that started many thousands of years ago, and each of us gets a chance, if not to be on the caravan, to at least contribute something into the contents of the saddlebags.

Much of his recent work has been with mixed-media collages, as well as collage/sculptures on rotating cylinders. By using a great variety of papers, and pastels, charcoal, ink and watercolor, the sense of intuitive spontaneity required in these pieces becomes a welcome counter-balance to the discipline necessary for his larger pieces.

Gerald says, “his art is like my children, constantly growing and maturing, always searching for a more powerful and eloquent means of communication.”

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