Look & See: Wendell Berry Film & Conversation at Rialto Cinemas

Look & See film

Mon, April 9, 2018, 7:00 pm

Join the Rialto Cinemas, CAFF & The Farmers Guild for a FREE film screening exploring the agrarian philosophy of poet-farmer Wendell Berry as seen through the divergent stories of a rural community facing difficult choices that will dramatically reshape their relationship to the land and people on which they depend.

Then stick around for a panel discussion with three young locals working to forge their own livelihood from the land:
– Caiti Hachmyer, Red H Farm
– Joey Smith, Let’s Go Farm
– Ariel Greenwood, Freestone Ranch
– Evan Wiig, The Farmers Guild & CAFF (moderator)


WATCH THE TRAILER: https://lookandseefilm.com/trailer/

Rialto Cinemas

6868 McKinley St

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