Wonderland Radio Hour: Live at the Rio Theater

Sat, May 19, 2018, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

An Invitation to Attend the Wonderland Radio Hour
Prairie Home Companion meets Amateur Radio Hour in a series of live radio shows to be recorded at the historic Rio Theater in beautiful downtown Monte Rio. This series of community-produced, community-inspired recorded programs will then be broadcast on KRCB RADIO. Each hour will showcase local musicians, artists, writers and characters from various areas of the Lower Russian River Area.
We invite the community to attend the live recording of the first show on Saturday, May 19. Doors will open at 10:30 a.m., live show begins at 11:00. This first show will focus on the Forestville area. Three other shows are planned at the Rio Theater for July 28 (focus on Rio Nido), Oct 6 (focus on Guerneville), and Dec 15 (focus on Monte Rio).
Since Wonderland Radio is community-produced, we are inviting individuals and community groups to participate and volunteer their skills, time or program ideas. To get more information about the series or give us your ideas, go to the contact page on wonderlandradiohour.com
This unique project is funded by the California Council for the Humanities and is sponsored by KRCB Radio. Nancy Dobbs, President and CEO of Northern California Public Media, gives the reason for KRCB’s support: “These rural enclaves each exhibit unique characteristics, yet share a proud sense of history, geography, and creative endeavor. By sharing stories, we learn about each other, and about ourselves. The communities highlighted in the Wonderland Radio Hour are connected by the Russian River and by the medium of radio”

Rio Theater

20396 Bohemian Hwy

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