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  • If your event happens on multiple dates, list it with the first date as the start and end date and include additional dates in the space for “recurring details”.
  • BE SURE TO FILL OUT THE “SHORT DESCRIPTION” FIELD. DO NOT repeat the title of the event. Make it compelling and make sure it tells Google what your event is about so it points people to it. 
  • Include the cost of the event. (If there’s a range of prices, include info in the description, i.e. “Reg. admission: $18; seniors: $12”.)
  • “Location” is the name and address of the event venue, not your personal address. Please put only the city in the city field, not CA, not the zip code.
  • If you do not see “Your event has been submitted” after clicking “Submit Event”, or you have any problem, email Deborah at now [at]

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