The Art is Medicine Show – El Show El Arte Es Medicina with The Imaginists

Sun, July 22, 2018, 4:00 pm

The Imaginists are thrilled to present the 10th annual EL SHOW EL ARTE ES MEDICINA / THE ART IS MEDICINE SHOW, the one and only free, bilingual, bicycle-powered summer tour.

To celebrate ten years of audacious upending we’re paying homage to the people, places, and parks that have been a part of our journey…

An Imaginists’ Odyssey
President Corn’s wife, Bolognia Corn, is trying to get her new play about bullying performed in lovely wine country, but the Broadway by Bicycle theatre troupe she hired to perform her show …doesn’t exist. She’s mistakenly hired the Imaginists! Things are sure to go downhill from here for the FOTUS. Enter our persistent hero Everywoman, who is just trying to get home. She inadvertently becomes entangled in the show that isn’t a show. Our (s)Hero must battle fake news, monstrous politicians, annoying thespians, and the seductions of La Finita, the great heavenly taco truck of the underworld …will she ever get back home? Inspired in equal parts by Homer’s Odyssey, today’s headlines, tomorrow’s dreams and our own ten year journey of free bilingual bicycle-powered theater, An Imaginists’ Odyssey asks: What is home? How do we get there?

Funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts


JULY 6th Kickoff Fundraiser @ the Imaginists 7 pm

Saturday JULY 7th Juilliard Park 7 pm

Sunday July 8th Howarth Park 4 pm

Friday JULY 13th Bayer Park & Community Gardens 7 pm

Saturday JULY 21st Andy’s Unity Park 7 pm

Sunday JULY 22 Finley Park 4 pm

*Dates and times subject to change. Check website below.

Finley Community Park

2060 West College Ave

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