Amateur Radio Field Day

Sat, June 23, 2018, 11:00 am

Sonoma County Radio Amateurs is participating in our annual Field Day event.
Part of Field Day is demonstrating the different ways amateur radio is used.
Especially during the past October wild fires.
This is a free, open to the public demonstration. Field Day will be held at Youth Park, in Santa Rosa.
1725 Fulton Rd, across from Piner High.
You’ll have an opportunity to talk on the radio!

Darryl M Paule
Field Day PIO

Field Day Weekend, June 23 and June 24:
Setup – Begins Friday, June 22, 5pm until dark
Setup – Continues Saturday Morning, June 23, 7am until 11am
Operating – Begins Saturday, June 23, 11am
Educational Activity – Saturday, June 23, 2pm
Dinner – Saturday, June 23, 5pm
Operating Ends Sunday, June 24, 11am
Tear Down Sunday, June 24, 11am until ~2pm

Youth Community Park

1701 Fulton Rd

Price: $0.00

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