Burnside at Twin Oaks Roadhouse

Sun, June 30, 2019, 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Doors 3p | Show 4p
Tickets: $10+

Join us for the Twin Oaks Back Yard BBQ Series, most Sundays, June through October. Come down to the Twin Oaks Roadhouse and enjoy some Live Music, Fresh Craft Beer, and some top-notch BBQ straight off the grill! There is no finer way to spend a warm Summer afternoon!

Among the western hills of Sonoma County, Burnside ignited from the collision of funky bassline groves, slick beats from a beekeeping yogi, and a motley repertoire of original songs that tell the journey from city streets to country roads, of anxious agrarians in search of home, yearnings for a better world and of a goat who thinks it’s a sheep. Their modern rock stylings borrow from soul, folk, indie and americana. You can find Burnside within the shadows of backwood watering holes or kicking up the dance floor at your local barn party. They hope to see you there.

Twin Oaks Roadhouse

5475 Old Redwood Hwy

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