"Candide" – Sonoma State University

Thu, February 6, 2020, 7:30 pm

Is this the best of all possible worlds? Follow our hero as he tries to find out in this classic musical.

Music by Leonard Bernstein

Music Direction by Lynne Morrow

Stage Direction by Doyle Ott

Produced by The Department of Music

Candide is in love with Cunegonde, daughter of the house in Westphalia where he has been brought up. Dr. Pangloss, their tutor, teaches them that everything in this world is for the best, part of God’s universal plan. Candide is then subjected to a knockabout series of disasters to test this theory. Is the world essentially good or essentially bad, and how will Candide find out?

Sonoma State University Evert B. Person Theatre

1801 East Cotati Ave

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