Climate Readiness: Strategies for powering through the next Blackout

Wed, August 5, 2020, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

During the power outage and evacuation related to the Kincade Fire in Fall 2019, many folks shared their wish of being able to provide some backup power for their freezer or refrigerator to keep stored food from perishing. At the Climate Readiness Sebastopol Carbon Conversation on November 6th, several folks shared how they had provided power for refrigeration by attaching a portable inverter onto their 12v car battery and running extension cords to their coolers. Electric cars, hybrids, and a truck were used for this purpose. At this carbon conversation we’ll share details on how you can prepare for the next blackout and provide power using your car battery and a portable inverter. We’ll also share some additional strategies for powering some lights and communication devices.

Climate Readiness is another way of saying adapting to the impacts of Climate Change/ Global Warming. In our area, the now routine threat of wildfires each year is a situation that we must learn to adapt to, becoming better prepared while avoiding adding to the problem.

Speakers: Tor Allen, The Rahus Institute and several special guests.

As we move forward with Sebastopol Carbon Conversations, we hope you’ll join in the SCC MeWe Discussion Forum to allow for more sharing and discussion. We’ll be posting followup information from each conversation here as well.

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