Creating Habitat for Pollinators – New date

Butterfly- Pollinators class

Sat, September 26, 2020, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Pollinators of all types benefit from the work of home gardeners. On this tour, you’ll learn about which flowers are most attractive to honey bees, different kinds of butterflies and native bees (bumblebees, carpenter bees, longhorn bees, mason bees, etc.), and why trees should be a part of your plantings. Regenerative organic agriculture approaches to gardening will be highlighted, including composting, no-till gardening, inclusion of cover crops in your rotation plan, organic pest management strategies, and integrating livestock into your gardening. You’ll also learn how to plan your garden to ensure season-long bloom for pollinators. Event price includes two seed packets of flowers loved by pollinators and a Bees N Blooms coffee mug.
The tour is outdoors and involves some walking on uneven terrain. Wear sturdy shoes and bring a hat or sunscreen for sun protection. Bring a mask to wear during the tour. No children under 12. Ticket required for each person 12 and over.

Bees N Blooms

3883 Petaluma Hill Road

Price: $25.00

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