Diving into Drip Irrigation presented by Daily Acts

Thu, July 30, 2020, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Are you ready to Dive into Drip Irrigation? With summer upon us, our gardens are growing, our schedules are filling and our landscapes need some more attention to combat the heat. Drip irrigation is a great solution to save time and money, and ensure your garden gets the hydration it requires!

In this webinar we will cover the history of water and importance of conservation, especially in Sonoma County. You will learn how to identify your soil type and what that means, and how to develop a water budget and select plants. To end, we’ll gain a basic understanding of a drip irrigation system and it’s components.

This webinar is hosted by Daily Acts, with guest speaker Kris Loomis! Kris has a passion for irrigation and gadgets like no other. Her 20+ years of experience and understanding of irrigation components along with her ability to present complex items in simple terms will make you feel at ease. She holds Certificates in Irrigation Design (CID) and Landscape Irrigation Auditing (CLIA) from the Irrigation Association.

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