FLATBED Porch Concert – Nina Gerber w/ Chris Webster

Flatbed- Nina Gerber and Chris Webster

Fri, June 5, 2020, 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Transcending genres, legendary guitarist, Nina Gerber performs in a LIVE, casual, ‘Porch’ concert with the rooted musician + soulful singer, Chris Webster. The pairing is powerful, beautiful and compelling.

“It’s especially important, during these times, to play where we can become part of the community, to create a place where we can share the same head and heart space for an evening and to be open and feel and realize we are all human beings taking care of ourselves and of each other. It’s important to remember how much we have in common, not how divided we are, and how to learn to live together and develop our compassion and understanding. Music is the way to get there,” says Gerber.

Gerber was the headliner for the Flatbed Music Festival on this very date when the festival had to shift to the fall. We thank all our Livestream Artists for the past ten weeks of performances, intimate and fun. Support your local musician, visit the Flatbed website and connect with local artists. Peace.

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