How Are the Bees Doing? The Inner Workings of a Honey Bee Colony – New date

Sat, September 26, 2020, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

On this tour, we’ll take a peek through the window of one of our top-bar hives (no bee suit required) to watch the bees at work, talk about the structure of a honey bee colony and the different jobs the bees have throughout their short lives. We’ll also talk about how the bees are doing in the U.S. as “Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)” has played out over time, with managed honey bee colonies still failing to thrive almost 15 years after CCD was first noticed. We’ll also touch on how bees reproduce by swarming and how they transform flower nectars into delicious honey, ending the tour with a tasting of two different Sonoma County honeys. Event price includes a 1.5oz jar of Sonoma County honey and a Bees N Blooms coffee mug.
The tour is outdoors and involves some walking on uneven terrain. Wear sturdy, close-toed shoes with socks, long pants, and a hat. Please do not wear lotion or perfume. Bring a mask to wear during the tour. No children under 12. Ticket required for each person 12 and over. This tour is not recommended for those with a life-threatening allergy to bee stings, as we will be close to the beehives for part of the tour, and a sting is possible, although not likely.

Bees N Blooms

3883 Petaluma Hill Road

Price: $35.00

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