It's A Beautiful Day returns to Redwood Cafe- Acoustic (Seated Show)

Sat, February 15, 2020, 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

IABD is famous for their self titled 1st LP that included the iconic song “White Bird (In A Golden Cage)”. Multiple albums were laced with classic cuts such as “Hot Summer Day”, “Bombay Calling,” “Girl With No Eyes”, “Wasted Union Blues”, “Time Is”, “Dolphins”, “Misery Loves Company”, and many more.

The package includes original member David Laflamme on violin/vocals, Linda Laflamme on vocals, original drummer Val Fuentes, 34 year veteran Toby Gray on bass, 14 year veteran Gary Thomas on keyboards, and Rob Cunningham on guitar.

The band performs the music of It’s A Beautiful Day along with newer original material, moving effortlessly from an almost folksy sound to ethereal jazz, from psychedelic to straight on rock & roll, performing selections from three recent CDs and over seven of their previous albums.

The show is enhanced with David Laflamme’s delightful reminiscing of the San Francisco Summer of Love experiences.

Learn more at:

Redwood Cafe

8240 Old Redwood Hwy

Price: $15.00

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