Johnny & June Forever at the Redwood Cafe

Johnny and June Forever

Fri, January 31, 2020, 8:30 pm - 11:00 pm

The beloved music of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash!

featuring DANNY EVANS & ESSENCE with a full band.
From his #1 hit “I Walk the Line” in 1956 to the iconic “Folsom Prison Blues,” many have known and loved Johnny Cash over the years. No love, though, seems as great as the love that singer/songwriter June Carter and Johnny Cash shared during their many long years together. Despite both being married at the time of meeting, and battling years of addiction, the connection between them was undeniable. In the first 13 years of their relationship, Cash attempted to make Carter his wife multiple times, and each time she denied him. Eventually June had to admit to the attraction and is quoted as saying, “I think I’m falling in love with Johnny Cash, and this is the most painful thing I’ve ever gone through in my life,” as reported by Groovy History. She described it as being “in a ring of fire,” which inspired the writing of “Ring of Fire,” a song that appeared on both of the artists’ albums. Finally in 1968, Cash and Carter were engaged and soon married. Through passion and tumult, and even in the wake of their passing, the love that burned between them will always be present in their heartfelt and truthful lyrics written and performed for one another. As one of the most beloved couples in music history, Johnny Cashand June Carter Cash’s love lives on through their iconic duos and many albums recorded with each other.
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