Live At The Lagunitas Taproom

Thu, December 19, 2019, 4:20 pm - 7:30 pm

Wed-Fri 4:20-7:30
Sat-Sun 3-6pm
The TapRoom is serving up sandwiches and snacks to wash down all of our rarest beers along with all the favorites that are available right here at the source to help soak up the LIVE MUSIC

Featuring local bands!

Dec 11: Jon Gonzales Trio
Dec 12: Charles Wheal Band
Dec 13: Smokehouse Gamblers
Dec 14: No Music Early Closing For Holiday Party
Dec 15: Virgil Shaw & The Killer Views
Dec 18: Noelle Glory & The Guarantees
Dec 19: Howling Coyote Tour 3 Pm | Beats Before Bed 8-10pm
Dec 20: Bronze Medal Hopefuls
Dec 21: Dj! Dino & Cam Mistletoe Music 2-6 Pm
Dec 22: Dr. Mojo Dec
25: Closed For Christmas
Dec 26: Solid Air

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