Live Jazz on Hotel Healdsburg's Event Green

Sat, August 15, 2020, 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Live Jazz on Hotel Healdsburg’s Event Green. The Summer Music Series features some of the region’s best players performing an eclectic mix of Jazz with diverse influences – Cuban, gypsy, blues, Brazilian, jazz standards and more.
As a Spirit Bar guest you can enjoy this live music experience as part of your dining experience. No standing allowed; must be seated by host of Spirit Bar. Food purchase required.
In partnership with Healdsburg Jazz,
Bebop Ballads and Blues with the Rob Sudduth Trio
Rob Sudduth- saxophone, Tom Hassett- drums, Joel Kruzic-bass, Trevor Kinsel-bass
The Susan Sutton Trio plays a fun mix of jazz standards and original compositions
Susan Sutton- piano, Piro Patton- bass, Kendrick Freeman- drums
David Udolf Trio featuring classic piano trio sounds from the great composers, as well as some originals written during this time of social distancing
David Udolf- keyboard, Chris Amberger- bass, Bryan Bowman- drums
Robb Fisher Trio, featuring the up and coming guitarist Kai Lyons, playing many styles of music, including Bebop, Afro Cuban, and Brazilian.
Rob Fisher- bass, Kai Lyons- guitar, Brandon Etzler- drums
Trevor Kinsel Trio celebrating the music and influence of Charlie Parker on the 100th anniversary of his birth
Trevor Kinsel- bass, Neil Fontano- piano, Joe Kelner-drums

Hotel Healdsburg

25 Matheson Street

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