The Crossword Show

Sat, January 11, 2020, 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Crossword Show is a 90-minute live comedy performance hosted by Zach Sherwin (“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” “Epic Rap Battles of History”), in which a panel of guest entertainers solves an actual crossword puzzle onstage in front of an audience, with everything displayed on a big screen so the crowd can follow along. Each time the solvers decipher a clue, Zach launches the show down a rabbit hole that’s somehow related to the answer word. There’s a multimedia slide presentation, scads of comedy, wordplay, and pop-culture trivia, and even a musical element: while the clues work like those in a normal crossword puzzle, they also happen to be rhyming hip-hop lyrics. Zach performs an “Across Clues” and a “Down Clues” rap over the course of the show, and the grand finale is one last number with lyrics incorporating all of the puzzle’s answer words. You’ll laugh, you’ll be dazzled by the web of connections, you’ll even leave feeling like you learned something. And you absolutely do not need to be a crossword enthusiast to be enthralled by this unique, mind-expanding, and joyful experience!

Griffo Distillery

1320 Scott Street

Price: $20.00

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