The Rockville Roadkill 17-Piece Jazz Band at The Big Easy, Petaluma

Wed, January 15, 2020, 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

State of the art big band jazz by world class players who come together and swing like mad!

Artists We Also Like
duke ellington, count basie, picasso, van gogh, thelonious monk, peter max, cher(middle period), mandy horwall, jackson pollack

Band Interests
group photos, big tips, sports bras, hard cider, organic tobacco products, dental hygiene, all natural air fresheners

Personal Interests
beer, benny goodman, basie, kenton, woody herman, maynard ferguson and g. krebbs et al, rhythm, intonation, dynamics, puns, wit and half-witticisms, mutes, good re(a)eds, bob’s mintzer and florence, tom’s kubis and smothers, drummers not ahead of their time (or behind)….

The Big Easy

128 American Alley

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