(Virtual) Museum Conversations with Artist Mercedes Dorame

Wed, September 23, 2020, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

The Museum is pleased to present artist Mercedes Dorame in conversation with Art Curator and Museum Executive Director, Jeff Nathanson. This virtual program is presented in conjunction with the exhibition “Landscape: Awe to Activism.”

About her art, L.A. based artist Mercedes Dorame writes, “My work explores the construction of culture and ceremony as outcomes of the need to tie one’s existence to the land. My heritage as a member of the Tongva tribe in Los Angeles connects me deeply to the landscape of California.” Dorame creates what she describes as “humble ceremonial interventions” and installations in the landscape to explore the problems of living in a place that her Native American tribe no longer has access to.

These ceremonial interventions are documented by her photographs. She explains that her tribe has no federal recognition, no reservation land, and therefore, no gathering place. By working in landscapes where she has an ancestral connection, Dorame engages in ideas of authenticity, ceremony, and community.

Registration is limited. To ensure an enjoyable viewing experience for all, we ask that microphones remain muted and questions be asked in the chat section only.

For assistance in registering or to submit questions for Mercedes in advance, please contact Jon Del Buono, programs@museumsc.org.

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