Get featured on “What to Eat in Sonoma County”!

Get featured on What to Eat in Sonoma County

Get your delicious offerings in front of lots of hungry people who want to support you!

Your ad on “What to Eat  in Sonoma County” includes your mouth-watering image, along with your business name, address, description and a link to your website or Facebook page, plus icons to show that you offer indoor dining, patio dining, take-out, and/or delivery.

There’s nothing else like this guide!

  • People love to see pictures of your delicious food! And they get all the information they want at a glance.
  • We already have an active, engaged audience of people who are eager to support local businesses.
  • We promote “What to Eat” via our website, our weekly newsletter and social media (including FB ads).
  • It’s easy on your budget at just $135 for 3 months or $235 for 6 months.

Want to get your listing for free?
We want to support our restaurants and you can help us do it! If you include this line and link on your website: Find us on Happening in Sonoma County! you get your 3-month listing for free! (limited time offering) With many websites linking to What to Eat, everybody gets more exposure!

Click below to order your listing (or skip that step and tell us you’ve added our link), then email us at now[at] with your:

    1. square image: 350 x 350px  (We can crop or resize as needed);
    2. text: up to 190 characters, including name, description, street address and city; and tell us if you offer take-out/delivery/patio dining/indoor dining
    3. and the web page you want to link to.

Questions? Call Deborah at 707-273-1401